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Pizza Pure & Peri Peri

Pizza Pure & Peri Peri
Pizza Pure & Peri Peri menu

Pizzas are the greatest gift of Italy. The round cheesy item cooked with the perfect flavours and spices is all that a foodie can ever dream of. Peri Peri dishes are equally awesome and with the right combination, you're bound to feel ever so special. If both of these worlds attract you, then we have you covered. At Pizza Pure & Peri Peri, we let you taste the best ever tasting pizzas and peri peri at a reasonable rate. Starters are a great start to the food journey and we serve some of the great items in starters like Hot & Spicy Chicken Wings, HNK Chicken Wings, Chicken Strippers & 1 Dip, Pure Chicken Saucy Bites, Buffalo Chicken Wings, Fries with Peri Peri sprinkle etc. These would add a perfect head-start to your day and you'd surely appreciate how good they taste. Then, let's move over to the star of the show, pizzas. Some of our signature dishes in pizza are Chicken Delight pizza, Super Supreme pizza, Tandoori Special pizza, Pizza Pure, Tuna Special, Sausage Special pizza, Salami Special pizza, Super Delight pizza etc. You might want to have kebab after having an awesome dish of pizza. You can choose from our choices in kebabs like Chicken Donner Kebab, Lamb Donner Kebab, Box of Doner Meat etc. Peri peri is what we specialize in and some of our mouth-watering dishes of this section are Boneless Peri Peri Chicken 1pcs, Whole Chicken, Chicken Deal, 1/2 Chicken etc. To give you a perfect end, we also have a wide array of drinks available in our bistro. Visit us at least once to know and experience it all.

About Pizza Pure & Peri Peri menu

Quality is the only thing that matters to us the most. We have the belief that the taste of food is what is the most important and what people really look for while searching for a restaurant. We've been maintaining consistency of quality in every dish that we sell and customers are very happy at what they're offered with. We try to grow every day and we take feedback from customers to build ourselves to be better. Come to us to have a beautiful experience wrapped in your favorite pizzas and peri peri. But, if coming to us is not possible for you, you can always avail our home delivery services. Just install our app for free from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store and start ordering at your heart's content. We'd go the extra mile for you and make you happy with the hot and fresh food

Pizza Pure & Peri Peri restaurant

We are located in a really nice place in the city. To be exact, we are located at 288 Walton Road, West Molesey KT8 2HT just at the quintessence of the city. This is a location which is backed up by very smooth transportation and is linked to all parts of the city through connecting roads. Visiting us for even the customers who live in the outer parts of the city is not difficult at all. We are also able to promise timely delivery of all our parcels because of the lack of intense traffic in and around this location. Still, if you are finding issues while locating us, don’t worries because our app is backed up with GPS enabled navigation system which can direct you to us seamlessly. Visit us now.